Chemical Construction Corporation , Sichuan eighth installation company

                                                                                       2019Campus Recruitment Brochure

I. Introduction

    Chemical Construction Corporation ,  located in Chengdu , No. 888 , Sec Jackie Avenue .The company has a commitment and medium-sized chemical, petrochemical , mechanical and electrical contracting construction projects and construction professionals , appropriate engineering cost consulting and project management capabilities.

    The company has always been around , " to help customers achieve a blueprint to help employees realize the value and help the company to create effective " values , adherence to the " stand owners of perspective, so that investors can produce benefits as soon as the owner , the owner's request , bit by bit keeping in mind"philosophy, and strive to achieve the leap from the start of the development phase .Private enterprise system , professional talent, excellent management ideas, unique corporate culture is our business management magic , but also our win-win cooperation with you a reliable guarantee .

      After nearly a decade of development, has formed a Liaoning, Xinjiang , Qinghai, Ningxia , Chongqing, Guangdong , Sichuan and other business area, complete Maoming, Guangdong , Xinjiang Dushanzi , Qinghai Salt Lake , and dozens of Ningxia Sunshine and medium-sized projects.The company 's technology and first-class quality of the owners alike.

      Looking ahead, we are confident that the expansion of the larger territory farther in this, sincerely welcome you to join together to write your personal life with the territory .